Google Tricks 2016 “Absolutely no Gravity | Underwater | Space”

Try something interesting on Google with the brand-new Google Gravity Techniques. As we understand people search for various google absolutely no gravity tricks on internet. So here we are today sharing a number of techniques to do something exciting on Google online search engine.

Exactly what is Google Gravity?

A google gravity is where all the web pages would fall down or turn upside down. Here the contents of the offered web page go through the gravitational pull. So, they would act rather in a different way. This technique consists of different kinds of entertaining things that are bound to puzzle anybody who has got mind blowing ideas. With the Google gravity, one can quickly puzzle any individual and transform his/her time worth in doing something which is special as well as crazy.

1. Google Absolutely no Gravity:

This is an intriguing idea of google gravity is where the entire contents connected to a websites gets reversed and this consists of the images as well as text. If you type some sentence or word related to this anti gravity google procedure into the internet search engine, then it would be composed in the reverse order.

In this gravity google procedure, when you hit the enter crucial in the keyword search, the offered search results page would arrive in the reverse order and it would appear in the jumbled way. This would be interesting as the contents would be bouncy and reversed. To have a look at this Google Gravity trick go to the below link and enjoy.

2. Google Guitar:

This allows you to play guitar on the online search engine page. With this trick you can enthrall other according to your ability. Interestingly, with this, you can play various famous tunes like Delighted Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, Forest Gump, Harry Potter. The finest thing about it is that Google would provide all the correct notes for these tunes. Inspect out this link to download google chrome offline installer.

3. Google Gravity Underwater:

This is an easy undersea google gravity strategy which shows the beautiful background that include underwater sea which is filled with numerous different types of fishes. You will see the contents of the websites in the floating way in addition to animations in the background which would in some way display a great and interesting under water experience like how the majority of the anti gravity google works. checkout Google Gravity Underwater

4. Google Space:

This Google Gravity Space is another intriguing and awesome technique. Here the contents present in the websites would be floating with no sort of gravitational pull. It demonstrates how people would behave when they remain in the deep space.

In Google Sphere, the contents would be distributing all around in the sphere shape. This occurs when you are hovering the mouse over the page. Essentially this google gravity technique is quite challenging for looking for any thing as the links present in the search page would be spinning around together with the mouse and you would have a fantastic amount of difficulty in clicking on the best link. Go to the listed below url to know more about this google sphere.

Apple iTunes New Version for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 Download


iTunes is that the best thanks to organise and luxuriate in the music and films you have already got — and buy those you would like to urge. You’ll even tune to Beats one radio, conferred by Zane Lowe and a team of acclaimed DJs. relish all the recreation iTunes must provide on your mackintosh and laptop. The iTunes player on your desktop keeps all of your music along, therefore it’s there once you’re able to listen. Rather than surfing stacks of CDs or digital files, you’ll import them into iTunes and quickly browse your whole assortment. Organise your library any means you would like. Produce playlists and luxuriate in them whenever and where. Even have Genius create playlists of songs that go nice along. Then adjust them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod bit or stream them to your Apple TV. Also read:- Skype for windows

Experience radio in a wholly new means. Introducing Beats one, a 24/7 station led by Zane Lowe and a team of world-renowned DJs. It’s free for everybody — albeit you don’t have an Apple Music membership. Therefore irrespective of once or wherever you tune, you’ll hear the most recent in music, interviews and culture broadcasting worldwide from our studios in la, NY and London.
With an Apple Music membership, you’ll simply produce and individualize your own stations that evolve as you move with them. You’ll additionally hear the on-demand radio stations you recognize and love, currently created even higher by our specialists. ITunes may be a piece of code that enables you to increase, organize and play your digital media assortment on your pc, yet as adjust it to a conveyable device. It is a phonograph player on the lines of songster and Windows Media Player, and you’ll use it on a mackintosh or Windows machine. the foremost important distinction between iTunes and a few alternative media players is that the intrinsically iTunes Store (where you’ll get podcasts; iPhone, iPad and iPod bit apps; music videos; movies; audiobooks and television shows, too) and its multi-level integration with Apple’s iPhone and its iPod transportable media player.

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But a conveyable media player is not the solely thanks to relish iTunes content. There is your mackintosh OS X or Windows pc, foremost — if you’ve a sound card and a collection of speakers (and you most likely do), that is all you wish to use iTunes. There is additionally Apple’s standard entry into the smartphone market, the iPhone. Otherwise you will play your iTunes library with one in every phones Apple approved to access the service, admire the Motorola ROKR E1 phone. Some enterprising hackers have created apps that allow you synchronize non-Apple product with iTunes, however these are not supported by Apple and will not work with each version of iTunes. Apple’s wireless networking hub, airdrome categorical, enables you to wirelessly stream iTunes music from your pc to your hub-connected home-theater speakers. With this setup, you management playback via your pc, iPhone, iPad or iPod bit.

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latest Skype Download for Windows/Xbox/Android

Skype is an element of Microsoft and along we’ll bring innovative technology to friends, family and colleagues all over. And currently the long run potentialities for our customer’s area unit even additional exciting. We’ll change additional folks to attach in additional ways in which remodel and enhance their lives. And this is often simply the start. Skype is for doing things along, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video create it easy to share experiences with the people who relate you, where they’re.


With Skype, you’ll share a story, celebrate a birthday, learn a language, hold a gathering, work with colleagues – close to something you would like to try and do along a day. You’ll use Skype on no matter works best for you – on your phone or laptop or a TV with Skype thereon. It’s liberated to begin victimization Skype – to talk, see and instant message people on Skype for instance. You’ll even seek cluster video, with the most recent version of Skype.

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If you pay a touch, you’ll do additional things, in additional ways that, with additional folks – like decision phones, access wireless local area network or send texts. You pay as you go or get a subscription, no matter works for you. And within the geographical point, this implies you’ll bring your entire system of staff, partners and customers along to induce things done. Strive Skype out nowadays and begin adding your friends, family and colleagues. They won’t be laborious to find; many various folks area unit already victimisation Skype to try and do all forms of things along. Skype is an information science telephone service supplier that gives free vocation between subscribers and affordable vocation to people that do not use the service. Additionally to plain calls, Skype permits file transfers, texting, video chat and videoconferencing. The service is out there for desktop computers, notebook and pill computers and different mobile devices, together with mobile phones. Variety of firms, together with Skype, turn out dedicated Skype phones. Enclosed within the free service could be a softphone application that may be downloaded to any computer running Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Windows Mobile in operation systems. A perform referred to as Skype Out permits calls to regular telephones; these calls area unit charged to a postpaid account or to a flat-fee annual subscription.

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Skype’s advantages, on the far side the free and affordable calls, area unit same to incorporate straightforward set-up and smart audio quality. To use Skype from a PC, you simply insert a telephone receiver, a specialized VoIP phone or a daily phone.

Latest Version VLC Media Player for Windows

vlc media player

VLC could be a free and open supply cross-platform multimedia system player and framework that plays most multimedia system files also as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and numerous streaming protocols. VLC Media Player is associate open supply VideoLAN project. You’ll be able to get original file here. It’s not the sole player World Health Organization will play videos however it’s without doubt one among the most effective for extreme easy use and wide compatibility with most well liked video and audio formats. Recomended:- Apple itunes

VLC Media Player for Windows

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In this latest unharness, users will currently scroll through the video frame by frame, permitting you to vary the playback speed at can, and to record streaming video. VLC’s interface is totally customizable therefore you’ll be able to set up the instruments consistent with their style. There’s not the tool Air Tunes streaming and there’s a far better integration with Gtk environments. VLC Player, due to a collection of native codecs, offers a lot of intensive compatibility with in style audio and video formats like DivX, Xvid, FLV, MKV, Ogg, MP2, MP3, MP4, and conjointly has support for playback of compressed files. The interface is incredibly straightforward and intuitive, it may be employed by each knowledgeable and novice.

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VLC Media Player is that the reference video player for all of your video files and streaming videos. Transfer VLC is totally free for all operative systems. VLC Player is that the best players and it’s out there at no cost, each for Windows and mac. VLC permits you to play all audio and video formats. VLC Media Player is one among the most-used media players currently out there, not only for its stability and flexibility once it involves enjoying all types of multimedia system files, however conjointly for the amount of additional options it includes. These are a number of the various options that a lot of individuals don’t fathom for the player from VideoLan, cherish the choice to vary the format of your videos, do live captures of what’s happening on the screen, transfer YouTube videos, or perhaps record disks in physical format.